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2.200The biggest advantages of the Alientech ECM Titanium are its versatility and ease of use. However, it’s most famous feature includes “Drivers”, which are software setups that change the appearance of file parameters into a more understandable shape. They portray five different aspects important for tuning. These aspects are injection, timing, torque, turbo pressure and limiters.

If you opt for the full version, you get subscription for one year. The software used is also included and it comes on a USB dongle. This is also another user-friendly feature, as you run the software directly from the dongle, without any installation. This removes any issues with computer compatibility.

The Alientech ECM Titanium also has memory that enables you to save the original file, as well as the ones after tuning. Finding and organizing these files is also not an issue, as they are organized in an understandable way.
When you read the original ECU file, you upload it and the software is designed to search for compatible drivers within your own database and an online source.

Data is shown in a table, which makes understanding and adjusting it easier. There are also 2D and 3D views for a more versatile and comfortable views of the tuning effects. You can adjust the values from these views as well.
ECM Titanium also includes checksum calculation. This means that editing files, as well as passing them to a Slave tool is as smooth as it can be.

Having in mind that Alientech releases regular software updates, the Update feature is essential. Once you are connected, the latest software version is added automatically.