PowerBox for PCMFlash


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The PowerBox is used to connect ECUs to J2534 devices. It enables control over a number of signals including RESET (510 Ω built-in current limiting resistor), WATCDOG, GPT1, GPT2, BOOT (510 Ω built-in current limiting resistor) and CNF1 (220 Ω built-in current limiting resistor).

Such versatility calls for a number of connectors, so the PowerBox comes with USB, DC (which powers the built-in circuit and the ECU as well), J2534, DB-15 and IDC-26.

The PowerBox also has three modes of operation called POWER, BOOT and GPT, each of which allows a number of different functions. Of course, with such versatility of functions you should know what is turned on at any moment, so the PowerBox has 4 lights.