Tuning Stages

The different tuning Stages depends on the mechanical configuration of the car.

Please note that ZIPtuning offers calibrations for all sorts of octane levels of fuel. Your tuning files will be calibrated for the requested fuel quality. This difference in fuel will determine how the car is tuned. Higher octane fuels support more ignition timing advancement, higher boost levels, and leaner air-to-fuel mixtures compared to lower octane.

Stage 1 tuning

Stage 1 tuning files are designed on a vehicle with stock hardware and no aftermarket parts at all. All Stage 1 calibrations are developed on a 4WD dynamometer and are data logged extensively and long-term tested to make sure the modifications are perfect.

Our Stage 1 tuning files are developed for use in a car with original parts. Other tuning stages introduce hardware parts. We make a difference between the torque output in tuning files for cars with a manual and automatic transmissions. We respect most of the limiters for component protection and anti-jerk function will also be kept original. We remove unnecessary factory limitations for vehicles which are downgraded or limitations like fuel cut off and unwanted torque limitations. Remapping is designed with optimized ignition, boost, and fuel targets for enhanced performance and responsiveness on a vehicle with mainly stock hardware. Our tuning files for sport models will be calibrated standard on RON 98. Normal models with petrol engine are calibrated standard for RON 95.

Stage 2 tuning

Stage 2 tuning files files are developed for engines with small modifications to intake and exhaust and this is what makes them a step up in terms of tuning stages. Examples of the hardware that gets changed includes things like intercooler, downpipes, sport cats, etc.

Stage 2 tuning for a petrol engine

All Stage 2 tuning files are calibrated for standard high octane values. RON 98-102

Example of parts: Bigger intercooler, downpipe, sport exhaust, air intake

Stage 2 tuning for a diesel engine

Example of parts:  Bigger intercooler, downpipe, sport exhaust, air intake and DPF removal

Stage 3 tuning

The Stage 3 tuning files files are developed for maximum power. We remove all limitations from the ECU and change the parts to the ones that can sustain the extra stress. If there are different aftermarket performance parts installed in the car, a lot of different configurations become possible.  For a proper Stage 3 Tuning, it is important that the client provides complete data logs. If you want to use Stage 3 Tuning files, it is important that you have all the necessary tools and knowledge, or industry-leading experts to guide you. If not, you can damage the engine beyond repair. Fine tuning on a rolling road might be necessary.

Stage 3 tuning for a petrol engine

Example of parts: bigger turbo, intercooler, downpipe, race cats, fuel pump, injectors, intake and exhaust valves, springs, bigger MAF or MAP sensor, race-clutch…

Stage 3 diesel engine

Example of parts: Bigger turbo, intercooler, downpipe, ace cats, fuel pump, injectors, bigger MAF or MAP sensor, race-clutch and more.