No-Lift Shift/NLS (Manual Transmission)

When shifting a manual, you need to lift your foot off the throttle every time you press the clutch and then hit the throttle again as you depress the clutch pedal. However proficient the driver is, he is bound to lose some time and boost in the process. If only the driver could hold the throttle pressed all the time and focus only on shifting. Well, they can – with No-Lift Shift/NLS tuning!

Out No-Lift Shift (NLS) tuning allows you to shift gears without lifting your foot off the throttle pedal even while you are pressing the clutch and shifting gears.

All of the boost control and RPM limitations are done by the ECU. This way you can enjoy the fastest shifting times, unmatched acceleration off the mark and total control and safety for your parts at the same time.

Enjoy lightning fast acceleration with your manual gearbox with our NLS tuning

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