PCM Flasher

PCM Flasher emerged within a number of much more expensive tools and quickly built a name for itself by providing a broad, safe and reliable range of services.

What it can tune?

It can tune a wide variety of vehicles from different brands and it provides reading and writing solutions for both ECU and TCU/transmission tuning. You can also tune both bin and vbf files and automatic checksum calculations for bin files are supported for a number of modules.

These features make it a very versatile choice for professional tuners and tuning enthusiasts and hobbyists alike, as its combination of affordability and versatility is rarely matched by the already established manufacturers of tuning tools.

PCM Flash


It works through any adapter that is compatible with J2534, of course, with the appropriate drivers added. For improved peace of mind, Guardant key limits unauthorized access and thus guarantees safety.

The PCM Flasher combines some of the best features of tuning tools, including reliability, safety, a great number of supported ECUs and TCUs and an easy, intuitive interface with one of the most affordable prices on the market.

Download your tuning file in less than 60 minutes

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