What is WinOLS?

This is an application for editing  ECU software developed by EVC and has become the industry standard. It has, for many years, been the best hex-editor on the market for professional tuners. Now EVC expanded Winols with the reseller plugin, which enables other users to download the ZIP-developed tuning file projects from our OLSx database. These files include the following:

  • Tuning files for car, motorcycles, trucks and agriculture
  • Mappacks
  • Super mappacks

How to connect to our OLSx database?

  • Please register on our website and fill in your WinOLS customer number during registration.
  • When you already have an account you can just send us an email with your WinOLS customer number.
  • We will add your customer number to the database as quickly as possible. Please do not forget to update and buy some credits.