Connect Your Slave Autotuner and KESSv2 Tools to our Master Tool

We are proud to announce that we now allow connection of Autotuner and KESSv2 slave tools to our master tools.

While our customers have been able to connect their CMD Flashtec and Alientech K-TAG to our master tools for a long time, we are now offering the same opportunity to our customers who use Autotuner and KESSv2 slave tools. You can now connect your Autotuner and KESSv2 slave tools to our master tools and enjoy the revered ZIP Tuning quality now available with even larger versatility.

Alientech KESSv2

Manufactured by Alientech, one of the most revered tuning tools companies, the KESS v2 slave tool is one of the most versatile tuning tools on the market today.

It enables writing files into almost any ECU through OBD port within a few minutes. It can be connected to the ECU via a standard OBD port or, if your car has a non-standard connector, via a universal cable with 5 wires.

It allows you to read original files or tune cars, but also many other vehicles and machines, including motorcycles, trucks, agricultural machines such as tractors or combine harvesters, boats, water scooters and jet skis.

Just some of the benefits of the KESSv2 include

  • Automatic checksum correction,
  • Safe operation,
  • Regular updates for the latest models,
  • Illustrated manual in multiple languages,
  • Intuitive interface
  • Compatibility with an immense number of brands and models.

What makes KESSv2 and ZIP Tuning the perfect match is the fact that you can now delve into the world of tuning with ease and confidence by connecting your KESSv2 slave tool to our master tool. This way you can enjoy our customized tuning files, developed by our industry-leading engineers.

Need to connect your slave KESSv2 to our master

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Following the latest industry trends and pushing the engineering boundaries, the Autotuner tuning tool is the latest choice of many tuners.

It is a universal tool that allows access to a huge number of ECUs either through the OBD port or in boot Tricore Infineon (BSL) mode.

Thanks to its dedicated ECU communication optimization and its Cortex m3 processor, Autotuner is one of the fastest tuning tools on the market with It enables fast, safe and reliable operation, allowing you to read and write files from and into the ECU with ease and confidence.

Some of the main perks of the Autotuner tool include:

  • Free regular updates
  • Direct technical support
  • Ultra-fast reading
  • User-friendly interface
  • Step-by-step instructions in the help section
  • It requires NO subscription
  • Latest model updates
  • Compatibility with a huge number of ECUs and vehicles

Autotuner has to be connected to at least one master tool and the best choice for Autotuner slave tools is ZIP Tuning master tool. Just like with the KESSv2, K-TAG and CMD Flashtec, the experience and expertise of our engineers, fast turnaround and direct support make the fast and safe operation of Autotuner slave tools the perfect match for our top notch tuning files.

Need to connect your slave Autotuner to our master

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Why Go with ZIP Tuning

If you are on this website, you probably already know the answer.

Our engineers have been tuning various types of vehicles for decades now, ranging from everyday cars, to racing applications, elaborate Stage 3 and Stage 4 projects, marine and agricultural machines and vehicles and even aircrafts.

We are among the first to develop files for the latest vehicles and we constantly release updates and revisions in order to provide our customers with the best possible service.

Should you ever need guidance or run into a problem, we offer direct support through email or WhatsApp where one of our engineers is ready to help.

How to Get Tuning Files from ZIP Tuning

Register on our portal, connect your tool, get credits and enjoy the best tuning experience available on the market now even if you have Alientech KESSv2 or Autotuner slave tools.