ECU upgrade

Looking for an ECU upgrade? We have an extensive database to choose from. The vast majority of our tuning files are tested on a dyno and proven.

We  have one of the biggest databases of ECU upgrade files for a large number of vehicles and even the latest ECUs and most modern technologies, including SENT protocol. Constant training, improvement and innovation enables us to stay ahead of the competition in the tuning world. Make sure you take advantage of this.

Also, our tuning files are within safe limits for all hardware components. While developing ECU upgrade files we carefully monitor all of the aspects, temperatures, pressures, gas measurements, stress levels and the rest. This ensures high-quality upgrades without any danger of damaging any parts due to tuning, provided that the parts and systems on the car in question are in a good condition.

Our tuning files are designed to provide the best driving upgrade in all applications, not just at WOT (Wide Open Throttle). This results in a noticeable improvement in drivability in all regimes.

If you are in need of reliable tuning tools to use our ECU upgrade files with, we offer a number of original tuning tools. We DO NOT sell clone tools and highly advise against using those.

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