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Tuning Tools

We supply files and quick support for the following tuning tools

Tuning FilesEuro
Car tuning stage 1
– Stage 1 for cars before 2005
– Stage 1 for cars between 2006-2011
– Stage 1 for cars after 2012
See Pricing
Car tuning stage 2See Pricing
Car tuning stage 3 base
-Fine tuning (based on datalogs)
See Pricing
Combination files stage 1 or stage 2 + delete filesSee Pricing
Delete FilesEuro
DPF offSee Pricing
Adblue offSee Pricing
VMAX / Speedlimit offSee Pricing
EGR offSee Pricing
Selective DTC offSee Pricing
DECATSee Pricing
Start/stop system offSee Pricing
NOX offSee Pricing
Maff offSee Pricing
Flaps offSee Pricing
Combination delete filesSee Pricing
Other FilesEuro
Agriculture tuning filesSee Pricing
Truck tuning filesSee Pricing
Motor/quad tuning filesSee Pricing
Boat/jetski tuning filesSee Pricing
NLS no lift shiftSee Pricing
Pop and bang (stage 1 / stage 2)See Pricing
Scaling of injector/MAF/MAP/otherOn request
Hot start fixSee Pricing
Cold start / catalyst heating offSee Pricing
Exhaust flap controlSee Pricing
Sportbutton tuneSee Pricing
Map switchingSee Pricing
Launch controlOn request
OBD protectionSee Pricing
Real antilagSee Pricing
REV / RPM limit higher / lowerSee Pricing
Hardcut limiterSee Pricing
Gearbox TuningEuro
Stage 1
– Optimized shift points
– Optimized shift speeds
– Torque Limits
See Pricing
Stage 2
– Optimized shift points
– Optimized shift speed
– Torque limits
– Launch control
– RPM limit Optional:
– Full manual shift
– Kick down removal
– Left foot breaking
– Special request
See Pricing
Stage 3
– All of stage 2
– Increased clutch clamping pressure
See Pricing
Problem solving
– Shake issue solve at low RPM – Special request
On Request
Original FilesEuro
Original file / stock file binSee Pricing
Special ProjectsEuro
Special projects ASee Pricing
Special projects BSee Pricing
Special projects CSee Pricing
Special projects DSee Pricing
Special projects ESee Pricing
MAP PacksEuro
Limited map pack + tuning fileSee Pricing
Super map pack (Damos)See Pricing
Calculated tuning filesSee Pricing
EVC WINOLS ResellerEuro
10 OLSx creditsSee Pricing