ECU recovery support

ECU Recovery with Problems after Flashing

Unfortunately it happens that ECU does not respond anymore after flashing the car. This can be caused by a number of reasons, such as wrong checksum calculations or improper flash protocols of the tuning tools. In this case, ECU recovery is the only solution.

We can restore every ECU back to its original settings and make it work again inside the car. This service is free of charge for all our dealers*.

ECU Recovery with Problems after Bootmode

Even with the right skills to open the ECU and proper SMD soldering techniques, it can happen that an ECU is damaged or destroyed after programming in bootmode. For most tuners this is an issue that greatly hurts reputation, as well as income.

ZIP Tuning solves this problem for you.

We can repair and restore a lot of problems or can supply you with a new or refurnished ECU. The cost of this service depends on the type of the ECU and the kind of the problem in question. This service is only available for our dealers*.

*A dealer is a registered user of our website with a business account who has bought at least 500 credits in the last year.

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