Stage 3 Project Management

We have over 15 years experience with developing stage 3 software for cars, preparing for the race track and drag racing.

Bmw M5, Audi RS3/4/5/6 , Megane RS, Mclarens etc.

We are really well connected to the best suppliers of turbo and injector upgrades etc. We can give you full support with choosing the right supplier for your hardware.

Many stage 3 projects end up in a disaster.

Route for Stage 3 project

The route to a successful stage 3 project car.

  1. Check the cars stock condition (compression test etc)
  2. Datalog and dyno run the car stock
  3. Datalog and dyno run the car with turbo upgrade etc
  4. Datalog and dyno run the car with Stage 3 file

We can support you remotely, how to log with VCDS (VAG) or with similar Bmw or other software. We can analyse log files and see how the engine runs and what we need to focus on.

We don’t advise you to take an ongoing project without a full spec of the car and its parts fitted.

Level of support

You can choose yourself the level of support

  1. Buy a base file and rework yourself
  2. Buy Stage 3 + tuning file support
  3. Buy Stage 3 + hardware advice + tuning file support
  4. We send an engineer over to support the project

It is very important to base the tuning and changes to the software with the logging to rely on. We cannot work on projects with a blindfold on, its dumb and not responsible.

You are welcome to upload your file/request on our portal.

Team ZIPtuning