Stage 3 Project Management

ZIP Tuning has decades of experience with developing Stage 3 software for road and track cars, including drag racing. We have worked on a number of vehicles, some of which were amazing supercars with over 1000 hp including a number of McLarens, BMW M3 and M5, Audi RS models, Megane RS, AMG cars

Stage 3 projects include hardcore aftermarket hardware parts, so this experience of ours means we are also very well connected with the best suppliers and manufacturers of parts and experienced in guiding you through every step of the tuning process.

Let our reputation, knowledge and experience make your Stage 3 tuning project be as safe and as smooth as possible.


  • Make sure the vehicle is free from faults and operating in a good way
  • Service: Oil, filters and spark plugs need to be fresh.
  • Check for leaks in the turbo system.
  • Automatic or dual-clutch gearbox? Check its operation!
  • Check for fault codes with a diagnostic scanner in both engine and gearbox

Information about the car hardware

When you upload your original calibration to the ZIP portal, make sure you give us all the necessary information about the car! Just some of the most common points include:

  • Exhaust – What exhaust does the car have? With or without a catalytic converter?
  • Intercooler – Have you upgraded the intercooler and, if yes, which one do you have installed
  • Have you changed the injectors? What model and size are they?
  • Have you upgraded the turbo? What turbo do you have installed?
  • Any other upgrade or change you have made or any other point you find important

We provide you with a BASE FILE to start the stage 3 tuning and we expect to get data log back from you and if possible also a dyno sheet for power and torque. This information needs to be collected in several stages including stock car, after the turbo upgrade (and/or other hardware upgrades) and after the stage 3 file has been added.

We can give you direct remote support during this process and explain how to gather the necessary information.

The gathered information allows us to analyze how the engine works throughout the tuning process and what we need to focus on specifically.

We do not advise you take an ongoing project without a full spec of the car and the parts fitted.

Stage 3 Project Duration

Depending on the project and vehicle, it can take a few hours up to days to finish a stage 3 project. If the car is in the perfect working condition and you have the proper tools and communicate with us through the support portal, it usually goes pretty fast.

Tools for Data logging

Some tools that can do data logging are:

Autotuner –
Bflash –
Auterra –


You can choose the level of support from us. Here are the most common options:

  • Buy a base file and rework yourself
  • Buy Stage 3 + tuning file support
  • Buy Stage 3 + hardware advice + tuning file support
  • We send an engineer over to support the project

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