Exhaust Flap Control Tuning

Exhaust flap control gives you more control over the sound of your car. Are you pulling away on a quiet early morning and you don’t want to wake up everyone around you, or do you want to make your presence known? Are you on a peaceful motorway cruise with a sleeping child in the back, or alone in your car on a racing track?

This control feature allows you to use the same car in all these situations without any compromises.

It enables you to change the opening and closing of the exhaust flap and thus easily choose between understated gurgles of the engine or beastly roars to suit the occasion you are in.

When the exhaust flap is closed, the exhaust is in its more civilized mode. However, when you open the flap, the flow is not hampered in any way and the exhaust is in its most aggressive roaring mode.

Have the best exhaust soundtrack for any occasion with our exhaust flap control tune

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