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MAGPro2 T-BOOT is a new step in TriCore tuning. It supports Infineon TriCore and Nexus Freescale MPC55xx and it can enable you to tune numerous ECUs, including many that boast various kinds of tuning prevention features.
Understandably, the MAGPro2 T-BOOT adjusts checksum automatically.

There is no soldering, no issues with short circuits caused by mistakes in connecting wires and no issues with power supply thanks to software that oversees power supply if you opt for Breakbox 2.0.

Furthermore, the kit comes with recovery functions and automatic backup. It is so reliable that it allows you to continue writing IROM/XROM in case it has been interrupted.

A special treat is that the initial price includes technical support and updates for a whole year.

If you are looking for a versatile, reliable, safe and efficient tool produced by one of the best tuning tools manufacturers in the world, MAGPro2 T-BOOT by Magic Motorsport is one of the best choices.