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New Genius is a standalone tool that enables communication with ECUs of a great number of vehicles. It supports CAN-bus, K/L-Lineand J1850 protocols. This tool enables tuning of a very large number of cars from different markets, including the most common models from Europe, Asia and the USA.

Such an elaborate tool also comes with reliable safety features. It even keeps an eye on the power level of the battery. Furthermore, additional equipment in the form of a computer is not necessary. New Genius comes with a touchscreen and its own microprocessor, so an additional computer is not necessary.

Speaking of safety, New Genius verifies checksum and file size before tuning. Moreover, if you accidentally unplug the connector during communication, the information is recovered and the tuning process is completed automatically.
The same interface is the reason why New Genius is beloved by tuners. It literally makes it impossible to make a mistake if you follow the instructions. These instructions are shown on the screen and they they lead you one step at a time. Additionally, there are several other manuals to answer each of your questions about any particular tuning attempt, answering even such questions as where OBD ports are.

The tool comes with an OBDII socket used for access to a wide variety of vehicles and brands. However, in rare cases when this kind of a connection is not possible, you can opt for any of special connectors that will give you access to diagnostic sockets of those vehicles. This gives access to all kinds of vehicles, from regular cars, motorcycles and light commercial vehicles, to heavy duty, agricultural and marine vehicles.

Even if OBDII tuning is locked by the manufacturer, New Genius allows tuning in combination with a New Trasdata software patch.

Dimsport constantly releases updates and increases the number of ECUs their tools can access. The list is already comprehensive and they keep adding the latest ECUs on a regular basis.