ZIP Milestone – More than 2,000 Tested Pop&Bang / Crackle Map Files

We are proud to announce that we have surpassed 2,000 tried and tested pop&bang / crackle map files!

The pop&bang / crackle map tuning has several benefits. Aside from giving the distinctive sound to the exhaust, it also removes turbo lag on turbocharged engines as it keeps the gases flowing and the turbo spinning even with your foot off the pedal. This enables you to shave off seconds on the race track and also gives a great feeling of instant reaction once you press the pedal again – and all that accompanied by the wonderful popping soundtrack.

If you want to learn more about pop&bang / crackle map files, click here for a detailed explanation.

Speaking of the soundtrack, you can also have this tuning on cars that are not usually used on the track. This is why we have developed pop&bang / crackle map files that you can turn on by pressing a button in your car. Very often it is a on the sport button, when a car is equipped with one. So, when you are driving to work through the suburbs in the morning, you can have a more civilized sound, but when you wish to add some spice you press the sport button and the pops and bangs start upping the adrenaline and turning heads.

We develop alternative solutions for cars without the sport button or for customers that ask for a different solution. For example, we recently tuned a Golf 5 GTI Edition 30 and added pop&bang / crackle under the aircon button.

Some other models we’ve enhanced through pop&bang include the following that you can see in the videos below. If you want something similar on your car, contact us and let’s make your car far more powerful and interesting: