Volkswagen Golf 5 GTI Edition 30 230hp MED9.1 pop&bang under aircon button

We have developed wonderful Golf 5 GTI pop&bang (crackle map) tuning for Golf 5 GTI Edition 30 with MED9.1.

Make your car sound unique with a completely safe upgrade that produces loud pops and bangs when you lift your foot off the throttle or shift. We do this by adjusting ignition timing and fuel delivery. Aside from the fine sporty sound, this tuning also eliminates turbo lag, as it keeps turbo spooling even when your foot is off the pedal.

Read in more detail about how we do it here.

What is important for our Golf 5 GTI pop&bang tuning is that we enable turning it on and off with a simple press of a button. This means that your Golf 5 GTI with MED9.1 ECU can be a perfectly civilized car that you can use to drive your children to school and run errands around town.

However, if you want to add some character, you can press the aircon button and thus turn on our pop&bang map that immediately turns your civilized vehicle into a fire-breathing beast.

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Golf 5 GTI pop&bang