Range Rover Velar D300 Tuning

After having a blast with our Range Rover Velar P380 tuning for the AJ126 engine, we also improved another Velar, this time by Range Rover Velar D300 tuning.

The diesel-powered beauty, unlike its supercharged petrol brother, has a turbocharger and, in its stock form, it produces 300 hp and 700 Nm of torque. The massive twisting force comes from just 1500 RPM, which makes this diesel an effortless cruiser in any driving conditions.

Tuning this vehicle for this particular Stage 1 project came in the form of the OEM ECU Bosch EDC17CP55 tuning by a software adjustment on stock parts. Not a single part is added or is necessary for this improvement. What we did is adjust the turbo pressure for more air in the cylinders and then adjust the amount of fuel injected and the timing of injection.

Tuning modern diesels may include some other tweaks such as common rail pressure adjustment and similar, but the overall idea is to provide perfect combustion for the added air and fuel throughout the RPM range. This also means the advanced injection provides a better throttle response and for a vehicle with so much torque, this means that it is a lot more interesting to drive.

So, how much more power and torque does this tuned Velar D300 have?

After our D300 tuning, this customer drove away in a car with 334 hp and 753 Nm of torque and with a huge smile on his face. Once again, the added power and torque are completely safe for the intake and exhaust parts, engine internals and the gearbox. The added power is within safe limits and the CO2 emissions rating is also preserved at the OEM level.

What is also preserved is the low-end push and the smooth power delivery. Basically, you keep all the things that make us love the Velar, but with noticeably more power and torque and a better throttle response.