Range Rover Velar P380 Tuning – AJ126 Tuning

The Velar is stunning, luxurious, fast and powerful and we recently had two models to work on. The one presented here is a Range Rover Velar P380 tuning and the one we will present soon is its diesel cousin in the form of 3.0 D300 tuning.

Unlike most high-power engines today, the AJ126 is not turbocharged, but supercharged. The supercharger is placed in the ‘vee’ between cylinder banks and it has its own belt that drives it using crankshaft rotation. It also employs variable camshaft timing technology, direct fuel injection and four camshafts.

It is a remarkable piece of engineering and one that is a joy to work on.

What we did for this P380 tuning is increase the forced induction pressure, add more fuel to accompany the increase in compressed air and adjust ignition timing for better combustion and stunning throttle response. The result is 402 hp and 503 Nm of torque and all that without the pulley change which is common for tuning supercharged vehicles. This tuning requires no hardware changes, but only a software adjustment in the form of the OEM ECU Bosch MED17.8.32 tuning and that makes it more affordable while being very efficient and completely safe.

Moreover, we preserved the emissions standards and the power surge delivery, making this a car that still gives that OEM driving feel, but with a noticeable increase in power and torque, as well as a nice improvement in throttle response, which makes a huge difference in the way it feels to drive.

However, if you opt for Stage 2 tuning, we can change the pulley and introduce even more power.

The AJ126 engine is used to power many Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, including the F-Type V6, XE 35t, XF 35t, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, Discovery 4 and the F-Pace 35t. With this knowledge and expertise, we can tune any of these vehicles with remarkable results.

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