Mini Cooper S F56 Tuning – 275 hp and 415 Nm

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A few days ago we tuned a Mini Cooper driven by the sister of a long-term customer of ours and we gave it significantly more power. The customer brought his sister’s car to us after a remarkable Stage 2 project for his more powerful Mini Cooper S F56 tuning that we developed a while back. This reminded us to present you with this upgrade as well.

Unlike his sister’s Cooper, the Cooper S features a 2.0 turbo engine with 192 hp and 280 Nm as stock. What it shares with the 1.5 l in the Cooper is a very wide torque curve that greatly improves drivability. It can be a peaceful cruiser at low RPM, having enough low-end torque to keep the engine perform effortlessly, but as you press the pedal and the RPM increases, the push never seems to decline.

This is why we thought it was important to develop this Mini Cooper S F56 tuning in a way that the engine provides more power, but preserves the wide availability.

And this is exactly what we did.

Mini Cooper S F56 Tuning dynoWe made a Stage 2 tuning project for this car and it brought it to 275 hp and 415 Nm of torque. This is a remarkable increase for the Mini Cooper S F56 tuning and it puts the sporty hatchback to a whole different performance class.

Aside from the software adjustment on the OEM ECU Bosch MG1CS201, the Stage 2 also includes some hardware changes to intake and exhaust parts. These ensure better breathing of the engine, but also provide a nicer sound from the exhaust.

However, if you want to keep the hardware parts of your Mini Cooper S stock, you can still enjoy a performance upgrade in the form of our Stage 1 tuning. It brings 258 hp and 398 Nm of torque from the software remap alone. The Stage 2 advancements increase the power a bit more, but also serve as a base for Stage 3 tuning that includes a new turbocharger and accompanying elements.

Thrilled by our Mini Cooper S F56 tuning, this customer brought us his sister’s Mini Cooper to tune as well and asked us to develop the Stage 3 tuning for his car.

We are pleased to say that this project is underway and that we expect to make the stylish Mini Cooper S a real pocket rocket in the upcoming period. Stay tuned…

Mini Cooper S F56 Tuning

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