BMW X2 sDrive20i Tuning – 70 hp and 122 Nm more

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The BMW X2 is the latest SUV from BMW that came to fill the subcompact SUV segment. This is a very competitive niche, so BMW had to do their best to complement the brand name, but also make it competitively priced in a very tight segment. They’ve done this! The X2 is a remarkable subcompact SUV with three diesel and three petrol engines. The sweet spot among the petrol machines is reserved for the sDrive20i B48 engine which produces 192 hp (141 kW) and 280 Nm (207 lb-ft) of torque. This is a remarkable engine that gives the top torque from just 1,350 RPM and pushes with the same force all the way up to 4,600 RPM. Just a bit after that you get the top horsepower rating that tops out at 6,000 RPM. All this means that the X2 sDrive20i tuning provides significant push almost throughout the entire rev range. The only thing that could make it better to drive is more power and this is exactly what our BMW X2 sDrive20i tuning provides. With no added hardware parts and just a software modification, we managed to extract 262 hp and 402 Nm of torque from the B48 engine. Moreover, we made sure the engine tune provides the same wide range of top push that makes the X2 sDrive20i so fun to drive.

This one is just a lot more fun.

BMW X2 sDrive20i Tuning

The tuning we performed includes a number of subtle adjustments that preserve the OEM safety and reliability, as well as emissions rating, but at the same time provides 70 hp and 122 Nm more.

It starts with an increase in the turbo pressure that feeds more air into the B48 engine. More air means more oxygen which is essential for combustion. This increase in oxygen delivery is obtained through a simple software tweak.

However, internal combustion engines, and especially petrol ones, need to have good air/fuel ratio in order to make use of their full potential and ensure proper combustion. This is why we need to add more fuel as well. This adjustment is also a software modification that results in increased fuel injection to complement the extra air from the turbo pressure increase. These two changes are the biggest part of the described power gains.

The result is 262 hp and 402 nm of torque. This is a massive increase for sDrive20i tuning, especially having in mind that we changed no hardware parts. With 70 hp and 122 Nm more, the BMW X2 sDrive20i is a completely different car to drive.

BMW X2 sDrive20i Tuning dyno

Our extensive testing procedure ensures safety even with the added air and fuel as well as complete combustion throughout the RPM range.

But this is not all. We also change ignition timing. In most cases it is advanced to ensure better combustion but also improve throttle response. Advancing ignition timing means that after our B48 sDrive20i tuning, the X2 of our customer reacts to the pedal push much faster. Couple that with the increased power and torque and the ZIP Tuning X2 is a completely different car to drive and in the best sense of the word.

It is faster, more agile, more responsive and it exerts all those benefits throughout the RPM range.

And you know what else? Our BMW X2 sDrive20i tuning is also completely safe!

BMW X2 sDrive20i Tuning Safety

As already said, our tuning is completely safe for your engine, gearbox and all other parts.

The safety comes from extensive testing on the best equipment that the industry has to offer, as well as decades of experience in tuning and unmatched expertise. Many tuners can give you more power, but only the best make that power safe for all the parts, instantly deliverable and usable in everyday driving as well as on the track.

Moreover, we can give more power than competitors thanks to the expertise we’ve mentioned. For example, if a tuner does not have reliable knowledge of the limits of each part and their mutual interactions, they have to ease back on the tuning in order to make sure nothing bad will happen. And even then that would be a guessing game. Having all the knowledge, expertise, experience and top-notch testing and tuning equipment allows us to go to the very limits but never cross them.

For example, the ignition timing advancement we mentioned is performed in a way that we advance it in lower RPM to increase torque. As RPM rises and pressures in cylinders build up, we retard it a bit, just under the safety limit. As RPM reaches the top we advance the timing again to make the top torque delivery longer and give the extra push. This produces the incredibly wide and much appreciated top torque delivery which makes the ZIP Tuning BMW X2 sDrive20i tuning so pleasing to drive both for peaceful everyday cruising and for wild acceleration.

Do you own an X2, or do you maybe work on one for a customer? If so, give us a call and see how much better we can make it. Even if you don’t have the B48 engine that our sDrive20i tuning is compatible with, we can tune all other versions of the BMW X2 as well. Want even more? We can tune a great number of cars and engines, we provide loads of other tuning services and even offer elaborate Stage 3 tuning projects that turn regular cars into track beasts. If you are a tuner that is looking for a reliable supplier, or a car owner that wants to improve your vehicle, contact us to see what we can do for you.

BMW X2 sDrive20i Tuning

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