BMW M240i F22 Stage 3 tuning

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Car: BMW M240i F22
Engine: 3.0 I6 Turbo Petrol (B58B30O0)
ECU: Bosch MG1CS003
Stock Power: 333 hp and 499 Nm (335 hp and 500 Nm)
Tune Power: 598 hp and 786 Nm
ECU Tuning: Stage 3 – Custom

Added Hardware Parts:

  • Eventuri Carbon Cold Air Intake
  • Supersprint Downpipe Catless
  • Supersprint Non-Resonated Exhaust for M2 Bumper
  • M Performance Limited Slip Diff
  • Methanol kit (BMS tank, BM7 nozzles, Torqbyte CM5-LTS
  • Big Boost custom turbo
  • Sirch Cortex Boost Controller
  • Dorch Stage 2 High-Pressure Fuel Pump
  • CSF Heat Exchanger
  • STOCK engine internals

BMW M240i Stage 3 Supersprint Non Resonated Exhaust for M2 Bumper

This lovely car is actually still a work in progress. The owner is set on achieving well past 700 hp next year, so we expect a retune after an even bigger turbo has been supplied. In the meantime, the M240i will also get upgrades in the suspension department and some cool styling additions.

However, the current setup is already amazing. Upgrades in turbo and high-flow downpipe were a must as both stock parts were too restricting for what the owner wanted in terms of power. As a result, the stock parts could not deliver. However, the upgrades made a massive difference, and most of the other upgrades were to support the new turbo.

M240i Stage 3 Eventuri Carbon Cold Air Intake

Interestingly, the engine internals can more than withstand the current power rating. However, to surpass 700 hp, engine internals will also need an upgrade.

This lovely, perfectly balanced machine is one of the best cars in its class and looks fantastic. This stage 3 upgrade is already far faster than the beastly M2 Competition with the S55. It just shows you the ability of the B58.

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