BMW G02 X4 xDrive30i Tuning – Becoming the Best in Class

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We have already tuned several cars with the B48 engine, including the 230i and the X2 sDrive20i. However, the G02 X4 xDrive30i tuning was a special task for us as it is the latest acquisition of one of our most regular customers – a person whose cars we’ve been tuning since the W164 Mercedes-Benz almost a decade ago.

The customer learned a lot about tuning over the years and he is a person who knows exactly what he wants, so we got a clear set of requirements regarding drivability and the feeling behind the wheel, emissions and power delivery.

Working on the B48 engine is a joy. And its version with 252 hp (185 kW) and 350 Nm (258 lb-ft) of torque fits the X4 perfectly. Paired with an 8-speed automatic and enjoying great torque delivery from very low RPM, the engine easily pushes the stylish X4 xDrive30i to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 6.3 seconds and tops out at 240 km/h (149 mph) – when stock.

After our BMW X4 xDrive30i tuning the power rises to 314 hp and 472 Nm of torque. This is a significant increase and a completely safe one. Moreover, the wide top torque delivery is still present, making the everyday usability of this particular X4 far more relaxed than with the already pretty good stock tune.

And with the pedal pressed…

BMW X4 xDrive30i Tuning

The first thing we modified is the pressure from the turbocharger. We modified the map to increase the amount of air that is sent into the engine. This gives us space to increase the amount of fuel we deliver into the cylinders. These two modifications have to follow each other in order to ensure safety and efficiency, but also to make combustion perfect.

This is why we test each step of the process. Our SuperFlow dyno runs showed us the results and gave the opportunity to our customer to give us information about fine tuning to match his needs perfectly. However, despite the increase in power and torque, the safety was never jeopardized. Furthermore, emissions were also left on the OEM level.

After we finished this step, the power reached the top figure, but our BMW X4 xDrive30i tuning wasn’t done.

We also advanced ignition timing, which made little difference in the power rating, but made a huge difference in torque delivery and the feel behind the wheel. What the ignition timing advancement brought is a stunning improvement in throttle response. After our tuning the B48 reacts instantly to every pedal push, giving the feeling of connectedness never felt before. There is virtually no lag and this part of our tuning is something that this customer always insists on – and that for a reason.

Doing this properly brings loads of benefits behind the wheel, but it is also essential to test every increment in the ignition timing advancement. Doing it properly gives the described throttle response and widens the torque curve, while going too far can cause serious damage to the engine. We pride on the quality and safety of our work and the tuning in question reflects this perfectly.

The final measurement brought us the figures of 314 hp and 472 Nm of torque – full 62 hp and 122 Nm more from a 2 l engine. That is a massive difference and one that is more than evident on the dyno chart, but also on the road. With razor-sharp responsiveness and the significant increase in power, the BMW X4 xDrive30i with the B48 engine is a completely different car to drive.

BMW X4 xDrive30i tuning dyno

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BMW X4 xDrive30i tuning

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