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The Audi SQ7 is built on the same platform as the Bentley Bentayga. Now, that is a very good basis and it instantly adds some credibility.

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EA898 V8 TDI Bentayga and SQ7It is powered by the same EA898 V8 4 l diesel engine as one of the Bentayga models. As stock it has 435 hp and 900 Nm of torque and the latter comes from just 1000 RPM, which makes these cars amazing to drive. Whenever you press the pedal, the car readily jumps with joy.

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That’s why we are here. Audi SQ7 tuning results in massive increase in power and torque and, in terms of performance, it obliterates the revered Bentayga with the same engine. Just a simple, albeit meticulously developed, tested and analyzed, tuning box installation gave us the measured power increase to 522 hp and stunning 1039 Nm of torque.

So, can we also tune the Bentayga? Of course we can and we have tuned both the V8 diesel and the W12 roaring beast. Contact us for those!

Audi SQ7 Tuning Box

Our tuning box for Audi SQ7 results in the noticeable power and torque increase described earlier. It includes a number of small changes, each of which is perfectly measured and tested for performance, but also safety and reliability. You get more power, but you also get safety at the same time.

However, the SQ7 also has some peculiarities. For example, it makes use of a 48 V voltage level instead of the far more common 12 V one. It stores this energy in a 470 Wh lithium-ion battery, but it does not use it to power wheels, like a hybrid would. The power is used for electrically driven compressor and the electro-mechanical roll stabilization features.

The compressor works alongside two turbochargers and their perfect operation ensures the low-down torque and very smooth power buildup, even for the stock version.

What we do for SQ7 tuning is develop a system stored within our tuning box that enables a number of changes to the way the engine and its surrounding elements work.

For example, the main aspects include an adjustment in turbo pressure which delivers more air into the engine and another one in fuel delivery to complement the added air and improve combustion.

These adjustments are carefully measured in order to preserve safety and make sure none of the parts’ limits are crossed.

There are several other aspects that we have a look into. Tuning diesels and changing the amounts of air and fuel are usually accompanied by some other adjustments such as a change in common rail pressure and tuning the start of injection to ensure sufficient duration and improved throttle response. Common rail pressure increase results in better combustion and the change in injection timing to the earliest safe point makes throttle response far better.

Combine that with the increase in power and torque and you get a really beautiful feeling when you press the pedal. The massive power and torque flood relentlessly and give a wonderfully smooth acceleration throughout the entire RPM range.

The new power and torque figures now come to 522 hp and mountain-moving 1039 Nm of twisting force.

Audi SQ7 tuning dyno

What is even more beautiful is that our SQ7 tuning box is a heavily tested and uniquely tailored standalone unit that requires no operation on the stock ECU, or any other parts. You simply connect it and it works its magic.

Once again, all these adjustments need to accompany each other in order to keep the car running smooth and stay safe. Going too far with them, or any of them separately, can cause serious damage to the engine, gearbox, exhaust system and many other parts. We always aim to be safe before anything else and so should you.

What we also aim to do is give our customers the best driving feel they can enjoy in everyday driving, as well as on the track. We are almost unique in our striving to give the improved figures over a very wide rev range. Having 1000 Nm is very good, but if you have to rev your engine high in order to get it, then it does not make much sense.

This is why we follow the outline of the manufacturer and deliver the power and torque over an as wide a rev range as possible. You can see that in our dyno sheet presented above. Of course, we can design the software to serve a different purpose, but we do not see many better solutions than having more than 1,000 Nm from just 1,000 RPM onwards in an everyday luxury car.

Yes, we know, you love our work, but if you want even more from your SQ7 or Bentayga, contact us for Stage 2 or Stage 3 tailored tuning projects. If you have a different vehicle, browse our website for more projects in our News or Blog sections, or in our specification database. And if you are a tuner yourself, then you will love our extensive tuning services designed to make the lives of you and your customers a lot easier and far more interesting.

Audi SQ7 tuning

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