Audi S1 Stage 3 Tuning

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Car: Audi S1
Engine: 2.0 TFSI (EA888 CWZA)
ECU: Siemens SIM18.1
Stock Power: 228 hp and 365 Nm (231 hp and 370 Nm)
Tune Power: 382 hp and 496 Nm
ECU Tuning: Stage 3 – Custom

Added Hardware Parts:

  • IS38 Turbo (from Golf 7 R – bigger than the standard IS20 turbo, bolt on, no significant mods needed)
  • APR Carbon Intake System
  • Forge Motorsport Intercooler
  • AEM Methanol Kit
  • HPFP LOBA 20.3 hollow plunger fuel pump
  • Denso IKH24 Spark Plugs
  • Injectors from the Golf 7 R
  • Sachs ZF Racing Clutch
  • Milltek catless exhaust system 76mm

The Audi S1 is a remarkable little pocket rocket that leaves much larger cars behind. However, we have made it a lot better!

As you can see in the upgrade specifications above, we increased air pressure, improved airflow to and from the engine, enhanced cooling capability and fuel delivery, used a more rugged clutch, and put it all together into one sound system with our Stage 3 custom tune.

The bigger turbo and the excellent intake significantly increased air delivery, and the intercooler ensured we got as much oxygen per volume into the cylinders as possible. With such remarkable results, we also needed better fueling, and the massive power increase made the customer improve the clutch. Aside from providing the S1 with a fine upgrade in the exhaust note, the Milltek system also helps eliminate exhaust gases more efficiently.

Audi S1 Stage 3 Tuning Denso IKH24 Spark Plugs

In short, the remarkable, lightweight pocket rocket now has significantly more power and torque. As a result, it sounds much better while preserving its low weight, excellent handling and driving dynamics, and the benefits of the Haldex system.

Our ZIP Tuning Audi S1 is a car on a whole new level of performance that quickly leaves behind many higher-tier performance vehicles. It is a proper little track beast now!

These projects are always interesting to our engineering team as they push the boundaries and let us make the best use of the extensive knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years working on the road and track cars and other vehicles.

Audi S1 Stage 3 Tuning HPFP LOBA 20.3 hollow plunger fuel pump

However, you can also offer our expertise to your customers who own more common vehicles and who want to make them faster – from stage 1 chiptuning developed for each car by our engineers to stage 2 upgrades with aftermarket intake and/or exhaust parts, to stage 3 projects with more extensive upgrades to forced induction and other accompanying elements, to special tuning requests and/or racing vehicles…

We’ve done it all! So please register on our portal and enjoy the best quality for your customers.

Audi S1 Stage 3 Tuning Forge Motorsport Intercooler

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