Audi RS Q3 Tuning – Power and Torque Unleashed

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The RS Q3 came in 2013 to serve as an elevated performance model for the already beloved RS3. The RS Q3 is closely related to the RS3, being its elevated, SUV version, so Audi RS Q3 tuning is also very similar to RS3 tuning we presented here.

The improvement for the RS3 was huge, especially in the torque measurement which rose to 632 Nm. The owner repeatedly emphasized that it was like a whole new car. However, it was actually better than the new car. The latest RS3 has 400 hp. The one we tuned reached 422 hp.

Still, the RS Q3 seems a bit behind the RS3 right now. The most powerful version is the RS Q3 performance which sports 367 hp and 465 Nm of torque and that is a special model. The regular, non-performance one has 340 hp and 450 Nm.

That is significantly lower than in the current RS Q3.

audi 2.5 tfsi engineHowever, we recently worked on the RS Q3 tuning project for the performance version and the results were outstanding. The power and torque figures measured on this particular version actually surpassed the ones we measured for the RS3. After ZIP tuning the RS Q3 performance rose from 367 hp and 465 Nm of torque to 427 hp and 636 Nm.

The power figure is outstanding, but the torque one is truly massive, making this small SUV incredibly responsive in any driving regime.

Here’s what we did for this car.

Stage 1 Audi RS Q3 Tuning

This upgrade requires no new parts whatsoever. It consists of software upgrades to the OEM ECU that result in the significant increase in power and torque.

A change that makes room for all others is an adjustment in the amount of oxygen that the engine gets. This is done by increasing the turbo pressure. Knowing how far you can go in order to preserve safety and reliability of hardware parts is of the highest importance. This is where our testing procedures come into play. We measure everything thoroughly, using top-notch equipment and make sure we are always within safe boundaries.

However, simply adding more air would not bring the improvements described earlier. The next step is preserving stoichiometric air/fuel ratio by increasing the amount of fuel sent into the cylinders. This ensures thorough combustion and allows us to provide the power increase for the engine.

The result is the mentioned increase to 427 hp and 636 Nm of torque.

Audi rs q3 dyno sheet

These two adjustments make the basis of the power increase we provide through RS Q3 tuning. However, they are not the only things we do.
We also advance ignition to provide better pedal response. Advancing ignition means that the engine reacts to your input faster, giving you a more immediate feel that, combined with the added power and torque, makes the car feel much better to drive.

Importance of keeping ignition timing within safe boundaries should not require any special explanation. Advancing ignition too much usually causes significant damage to the engine, often rendering it useless and beyond repair. We cannot stress the importance of testing enough.

Extensive testing also has more benefits. It allows us to go to the very boundaries, without crossing them. This means our tuning gives more power than others and preserves safety at the same time. Without gathering information from testing and data logging we would be forced to ease back on adjustments to make sure we do not cross any limits.

Testing, extensive knowledge, decades of experience and high-end equipment give us confidence to approach the limits giving unmatched power and torque ratings while at the same time never crossing them to make any kind of a problem.

It is worth emphasizing that the OEM setup brought the total torque from just 1,625 rpm and the same value followed all the way to 5,550 rpm. This made the stock car very easy to drive. We developed our tuning to provide the same versatility, just on a higher level. As you can see in our dyno sheet, the top torque is available throughout the same wide range, ensuring beautiful drivability that the RS models are famous for.

Lastly, we can give you more at the top end by removing the speed limiter and letting your RS Q3 unleash its full potential and leave pretty much anything else on the road behind.

If you want even more, we have it. We develop dedicated stages 2 and 3 tuning projects which include various levels of hardware changes for seriously massive power gains. Contact us to see what we can do for you!

Audi rs q3 tuning

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