Audi R8 V10 Supercharger Tuning Project

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Audi R8 V10 engineThe latest Audi R8 V10 Supercharger tuning project at our client’s was enjoyable for anyone interested in tuning.

Now and then, we get to tune some of the most advanced supercars in the world. We’ve tuned McLarens, various AMG models, Bentley Bentayga – both the 4 l  diesel and the W12 flagship – BMW M Series models, Ferraris, and many more, including a Porsche Panamera Hybrid for Supercar Megabuild.

A few weeks ago, we did the two mentioned Bentaygas and received a call from one of our clients telling us they were upgrading another beautiful machine – the Audi R8 V10 Plus. We love working with this client since their passion and dedication to tuning complements our own, which always results in great tuning projects.

Why does anyone need more than 610 hp that the car has in stock? Well, why the hell not?

The stunning V10 hardly lacks power and torque delivery, but our clients wanted more – they knew how to get that!

audi r8 v10 supercharger tuningEven though we love working with high-end turbochargers, this project uses a supercharger. The reason for this is that our client rightfully decided that a massive turbocharger would hamper the response of the smooth V10 engine. Of course, it would give a lot more power, but the smooth power buildup and acceleration of the V10 are too good to be hampered.

So, for the R8 V10 Supercharger tuning, as its name suggests, the upgrade came with a scroll supercharger and one with an integrated intercooler to keep the air as cold as possible for higher efficiency. This enabled an increase in power and also kept the smooth characteristics of the V10. The engine’s response is instant, and the buildup is without any oscillation. As a result, it feels that there is no lack of power in any part of the RPM range and that the only thing that forces you to change gear is the redline.


Similarly, if not asked by our customers to do the opposite, we always try to follow the OEM software architecture while tuning so that the driving feel matches the OEM one, just embellished by the extra power. Our client sees this value, which is the case with this tuning project. The power and torque curves are similar in shape to the OEM ones but at a higher level.

So, how higher is the level?

Several states of the tune have been developed, ranging from 840 hp and 740 Nm to 860 hp and 810 Nm of torque. However, even the lowest is a massive increase, making the R8 V10 Supercharger tuning project far faster than the lightning-fast stock R8 V10 Plus.

Other advantages of this expert tuning effort include that the emissions figures and the temperatures remain within the stock levels. Hence, safety, reliability, and street-legal benefits remain untouched while the fun factor jumps to a new level.


Audi R8 V10 supercharger tuned driving

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