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MMC Flasher is among the most popular tools for tuners who deal with vehicles produced by Honda, Infiniti, Nissan, Ford, Mazda, Hyundai, Kia, Subaru and Mitsubishi.

It can work through CAN-bus or K-Line and it has some unique features that separate it from most other tools on the market. For example, it removes the need for creating XML description files; there is no way to mix up CPU types; it automatically compares the ECU flash memory upon reading with the buffer and informs you if there is any difference thus ensuring a reliable readout; ECU recovery is possible in any case if you have a stock file (you can get original/stock files on our website); it enables checksum calculation, regular updates for new ECUs, reliable technical support and more…

MMC Flasher works through CAN J2534 device and OpenPort 2.0 can be used as well.

MMC Flasher comes in a package including a USB dongle, software and a help file, but you are not obliged to buy all modules. You can choose between 59 individual modules, each of which gives you access to some vehicles and there are also module packages which combine a number of most often purchased modules for certain applications. This allows you to choose and pay only for the modules you actually need.