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CMDFlash Slave OBD

This tool is used to read from or write information to a great number of modern ECUs. It supports EOBD K-Line, EOBD CAN-bus, EOBD PWM and BDM. Each of these have their peculiarities.

For BDM and Boot mode, the ECU of the vehicle you’re working on has to be removed and connected to CMDFlash Slave OBD. This connection requires no soldering, as it is performed using connector that is found on any ECU from Bosch EDC16, Delphi, Marelli and Siemens.

However, this tool also allows access via OBD port, which removes any need to remove the ECU from the car. Just plug the tool into the OBD port using a dedicated cable and you can read and write. For this kind of an access it is essential to have a reliable battery power.

The CMDFlash Slave can be used as a plugin or as a tool in its own right. It enables reading and writing of EEPROM and E2PROM. It also automatically calculates checksum.

Safety plays a big part in tuning, so CMDFlash Slave allows restoring the ECU in case there is an issue, such as an interruption during the writing process.

The information from the ECU is organized into a single file and it can include additional information that helps you identify each file. This additional information can include which brand and model the car is, what its chassis number is, the name of the owner or any other information you wish to add to the note.

The initial tool price includes free subscription for a year, including regular software updates and upgrades, addition of new ECUs, RSA and SEED/KEY online server.

This tool can be sold in a number of configurations, including these:
1 – Just OBD protocols
2 – OBD and BOOT – adds ST10/TriCore protocols
3 – OBD and BDM – adds BDM MPC5xx protocols
4 – OBD, BOOT and BMW Fxx Toolset – adds ST10/Tricore BOOT protocols and BMW Fxx Toolset with ENET OBD
5 – OBD, BOOT and BDM – adds ST10/Tricore BOOT and BDM MPC5xx protocols
6 – OBD, BOOT, BDM and BMW Fxx Toolset – adds ST10/Tricore BOOT, BDM MPC5xx protocols and BMW Fxx Toolset with ENET OBD