Volvo XC60 2.0 D3 Tuning

Volvo has done wonders with their group of four-pot engines powering anything from entry-level hatchbacks to flagship SUVs such as the XC90. We have tuned a great number of Volvo vehicles with these engines, but our latest Volvo XC60 2.0 D3 tuning is very special for us.

The first reason is the fact that this car is owned by one of our regular customers and someone who really knows what a good car is. The sporty driving nature of this customer may not be seen in this particular vehicle, being a diesel SUV, but even accomplished drivers need something to shuttle their families around.

The second reason is that we managed to extract loads of power in a completely safe way while preserving the wide availability of torque. After our D3 tuning this XC60 from the previous generation (this one is a 2016 model) is actually more powerful than any of its diesel-powered brothers from the same era, but also than the latest D4 and almost as powerful as the latest D5. So, you can actually have more power for a lot less money. Can it get better than this?

So, what are the numbers?

After our tuning this XC60 D3 has 228 hp and 453 Nm of torque. This is 78 hp and 103 Nm more than the stock car. All of the adjustments come from turbo pressure and injection tweaks through the Denso OEM ECU ‘s software. The adjustments are safe and the result of extensive testing and data logging.

We also follow the OEM setup, so the top torque figure comes well under 2,000 rpm, giving plenty of low-end torque for peaceful cruising and swift overtakes without shifting. Despite the increase in power, emission measurements show OEM values and there are no overstressed parts.

Even though it is supposed to serve as family transportation, the owner of this XC60 couldn’t find enough joy with the stock setup. He knew where to bring his car to get the upgrade he needed.

We also provide tuning for other Volvo vehicles, as well as many others. Check out our database and follow our blog and news sections for the latest updates.