Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 BoosterJet Tuning – Bosch MED17.9.63 23199796346

Today we have worked on a 1.4 BoosterJet tuning performed on a 2018 Suzuki Swift Sport. The pocket rocket comes with a direct-injection turbocharged engine K14C with 140 hp from 5500 RPM and 230 Nm from 2500 to 3500 RPM.

The car is wonderful to drive, lightweight and agile with a punchy engine but, after our 1.4 BoosterJet tuning, it became a lot better. The owner is our old customer who loves performance hatchbacks and has had several of his cars tuned by our engineers. We know exactly what he wants and we gladly oblige.

The K14C 1.4 BoosterJet engine is aimed to provide good performance in a small and lightweight package. It has VVT technology, lightweight materials, turbocharging for improved performance and low-end torque, 6-hole nozzles for the injectors and a host of solutions that improve efficiency. All of these things combined make the 1.4 BoosterJet the perfect choice for small performance hatchbacks that give far more fun than their price suggests. On the other hand, solutions such as wastegate enable improved fuel efficiency in city driving conditions, while enabling instant push when you press the pedal hard.

The result of our Suzuki Swift Sport 1.4 BoosterJet tuning is 174 hp and 282 Nm of torque. We did our best to preserve the agility of the OEM engine, but give it more power and more torque over a very wide range, as well as improved throttle response, while preserving emissions rating.

The OEM Bosch MED17.9.63 ECU with the ECU number 23199796346 is still in the car. There are no hardware changes necessary – the improved performance comes from OEM parts alone and the car is still completely safe.

The same engine is used in the latest versions of the Vitara and SX4 S-Cross, so we can tune those vehicles with similar effects.

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