Seat Leon Cupra Tuning – 2.0 EA888 CJXC Tuning

Pocket rockets seem to be all the rage. We have tuned several sporty hatchbacks and now we can boast with this Seat Leon Cupra tuning. It is the latest version, the 5F Mk2, and as stock it is wonderfully powerful with 300 hp and 380 Nm of torque from just 1800 RPM from this EA888 CJXC engine. So, what can CJXC tuning bring?

Loads of extra power. The lovely four-cylinder powerplant, after our Simos 18.10 tuning, produces 354 hp and 466 Nm of torque. The increase comes from a software adjustment without any hardware additions and it is completely safe and thoroughly tested.

Aside from the power and torque increases, our tuning also results in a stunning improvement in throttle response. The car reacts to any throttle input instantly and gives unprecedented driving feel.

Moreover, the wide availability of torque that makes this engine so beloved is still present. We tune for a wide range of uses, from everyday driving, to track conditions, so that you preserve the versatility of the stock car, just push it to another level.

Moreover, we aim to extract all the potential from sports cars, so we have developed two more stages of tuning for the Leon Cupra. With more elaborate hardware changes for higher Seat Leon Cupra tuning stages, we can extract about 450 hp from this engine.

To complete the offer, if you go for the DSG version, we offer DSG tuning and if you go for the manual, we have launch control and NLS (no-lift shift) tuning available.

The same CJXC version of the EA888 engine is used in several more vehicles, including the Audi S3 and the Golf 7 R, while slightly different versions power pretty much any model from the Volkswagen group. With this kind of expertise and equipment, we can tune any of them. Contact us and register on our tuner portal to take advantage of our services.