Ferrari F458 4,5i 4,5i Speciale 566hp 596hp Bosch MED9,6 Pop and Bang. Intensity can be modified .
Mercedes Benz C63 AMG S 4,0t 2016 Bosch MED17,7,x (stage1.2 revised)
VAG 2.0TSI Siemens Simos18 (rescale for Autotech HPFP in development)
VAG 1.8t Bosch ME7,5 (injector rescaling revised)
Renault 0.9Tce Valeo (stage1+2 revised)
Ford New 1,0 Ecoboost Bosch MED17 (stage1+2 revised)
Maserati Ghibli 3,0t Bosch MED17.3.4 (stage2 revised)