Maserati Ghibli 3,0t Bosch MED17.3.4 (stage2 revised)
VAG 2.0TDI Bosch EDC17C74 (stage1+2 revised)
Mercedes Benz E250 CDI Ambulances Delphi CRD3 (downtune for better reliability)
Mercedes Benz E250 CDI Ambulances Delphi CRD2 (downtune for better reliability)
BMW 535d Bosch EDC16C35 (popcorn limiter in development)
Many diesel engines – popcorn limiter available on EDC15 EDC16 EDC17, Delphi Siemens etc
VAG 2,0TSI Siemens Simos 12 18 (Original. Stage1 2 3 new Logic . peak boost solution . no more peak boost problem like most tuners have . We give fluent boost builtup until redline)
Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 5,5 V8 turbo hybrid turbo. downpipes. airbox. meth Bosch MED17,7 (Original. Stage3 big power calibration 790hp 1200NM)
VAG VW Audi Seat Skoda petrol turbo Siemens Simos 12 16 18 (real Antilag available. Fires when releasing trottlepedal. make sure catalyst is removed :-) )
Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG 6 612hp Bosch ME2,7,2 365219 (Original 583hp Stage3pg 818hp 1300nm) big hybrid turbos + sportexhaust + methanol injection + bigger Intercoolers
Many new solutions for cars with torquemonitoring issues – ask for details