Mercedes EDC17CP57 Tuning without Disabling all DTC

Again pushing the boundaries of the industry, we have developed a way to perform chiptuning on Mercedes-Benz vehicles with EDC17CP57 ECU without disabling all DTC errors. EDC17CP57 tuning just got a lot safer with ZIP tuning.

This enables us to tune numerous modern Mercedes-Benz diesel engines in a way that most tuners cannot.

The issue with this ECU is that when a car is tuned lesser tuners need to delete all DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) and prevent them from appearing. This can bring a number of problems since those DTCs have a reason for being there. In case there is a problem with your car, DTCs are used to inform you and help the servicing staff diagnose the issue and resolve it. If all these are disabled due to tuning, you will not be informed of the issue and this can lead to heavy damage to your engine and/or other parts.

Regardless of the quality of the tuning file, disabling all DTC inevitably makes the car not safe. This is why we decided to work on creating a tuning file for EDC17CP57 tuning without disabling all DTC.

And we have done it!

Now you can enjoy the benefits of ZIP tuning on your Mercedes and also preserve the safety that comes from having DTC errors inform you in case there is something wrong with the car in the future.

We have an extensive tuning database for many vehicles, so you can enjoy the benefits of our tuning even if you do not own a Mercedes-Benz. We are also famous for our Stage 2 and Stage 3 projects that result in massive power increases. Contact us for more information.