Mercedes-Benz CLS 220CDI Tuning – OM651 Tuning

The C219 generation of the CLS brought many improvements on the already amazingly stylish and capable first generation of the CLS. It also introduced four-cylinder engines in the high-end class whose smallest offering included V6 options. The vehicle we worked on today was one of those – an in-line 4 OM651 CLS 220CDI tuning.

OM651 tuning is not new for us, but this is a very interesting engine. Just as an example, on the CLS there are two versions of OM651 – this one and a twin-turbo one with 204 hp. The same engine is used in the C-Class and E-Class models in three different power outputs, while the twin-turbo version was used in the flagship S-Class as well.

This kind of versatility, power and refinement from a diesel engine is rarely seen, so it is no wonder that it was powerful enough to be used in such luxury vehicles as the S-Class and the CLS, while still preserving the fuel efficiency.

However, we managed to put it on a whole new level.

During our CLS 220CDI tuning we safely upgraded the 170 hp version to such level that it actually has more power than the twin-turbo top-power version of the same engine. All the modifications are done within our Stage 1 OM651 tuning and on the OEM ECU Delphi CRD3, so it is a very cost efficient upgrade, requiring no extra hardware parts.

This brings us to another very important point. In order to upgrade this engine so efficiently while keeping it completely safe, we needed to know the levels of endurable stress for each of the stock parts and also have the top-quality tuning and testing equipment to measure and monitor the effects of our modifications in each and every regimen of use. After our CLS 220CDI tuning, the car is completely safe and far more powerful.

How much more powerful?

Our OM651 tuning results in measured 223 hp and 505 Nm of torque. That makes it more powerful than the version of this engine with two turbochargers used in the S-Class.

The wide availability of torque and smooth power delivery are highly regarded by our engineers, so they are also improved. This car is now a lot better in every respect and in all driving conditions. Throttle response is better, turbo lag is next to gone, smooth acceleration is very confident and peaceful cruising is as relaxing and as fuel efficient as it can be.

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