Maserati Levante 3.0 V6 Tuning – Faster than the Levante S

The Levante has five different power output options as stock. The model we worked on is the entry-level petrol Levante, which is faster than the single diesel version only. However, with 350 hp and 500 Nm of torque, it is far from lacking. Still, the owner wanted more, so he came to us asking us to spice up his luxury SUV through our Levante 3.0 V6 tuning.

The results made him very satisfied.

As said, this version of the Levante comes with 350 hp and 500 Nm of torque. That is by no means slow, but the Levante S comes with 430 hp and 580 Nm of torque, while the most powerful V8 versions top out at 590 hp.

What we did for the least powerful Levante includes an upgrade that brings if very close to the Levante S in terms of power, but surpasses it by a great margin in terms of torque. The adjustments that comprise our Maserati Levante 3.0 V6 tuning resulted in 426 hp and 605 nm of torque, which actually made the Levante faster than the Levante S. With just 4 hp fewer, but 25 Nm of torque more, the ZIP tuned Levante outsprints its more powerful and far more expensive brother.

The improvements come from an increase in turbo pressure, an accompanying adjustment in fuel delivery and a very fine tuning of ignition timing, all of which translate to a completely safe power increase over a remarkably long RPM range. And all this from our work on the OEM ECU software. There are no new hardware parts introduced.

After our Levante 3.0 V6 tuning the vehicle is noticeably faster, but it still keeps the stylish cruising elegance and poise that Maserati is famous for. You simply get a lot more power for the same money.

Maybe you have the Levante S and you feel cheated now that you see that the officially lesser Levante can be faster? Don’t worry, we can tune your Levante S too.