Lexus IS and IS F Speed Limit Off

We have just developed a tuning file that turns off the speed limiter for the Lexus IS and IS F. This tuning for the IS and especially for the beastly IS F speed limit off makes it a car that is capable of releasing its full potential.

The IS is powered by a host of engines ranging from a 2.2 I4 diesel, to 2.5 l, 3.0 l and 3.5 l V6 . It is a wonderfully balanced RWD car with sedan practicality and naturally aspirated petrol engines that give smooth acceleration and flawless power delivery.

The IS F takes the same basic principle, but embellishes it with a proper 5.0 V8 with the stock power rating  of 423 hp and 505 Nm of torque. That is a proper sedan supercar which reaches 100 km/h in just 4.6 seconds and sprints to electronically limited 270 km/h.

Well, we have removed that limitation. With the IS F speed limit off tuning, as well as our software adjustments, the IS F could break 320 km/h (200 mph).

The same service for the IS models makes far more room for tuning adjustments and elaborate tuning projects that can make the V6 engines far more powerful. With the IS speed limit off tuning, the more tamed versions of the IS also get the chance to enhance their potential.

It is very important to note that our adjustments are perfectly safe for your car and all its components. If you are looking for a safe but meaningful adjustment for your car, contact us and let’s make it happen.