Latest ZF 8HP Gearbox Tuning

Today we added another revision to our ZF 8HP gearbox tuning, which results in vast improvements in its behaviour and made more room for tuning.

The improvements include several different aspects:

  • First of all, now we can adjust torque limits, which makes it possible for us to increase torque with engine tuning
  • Secondly, we can also adjust RPM limit to make the engine rev higher
  • Next, we can modify shift points to make the ZF 8HP gearbox shift exactly when you want it to shift
  • Lastly, we can adjust the speed of shifting for sportier results.

These improvements go hand in hand with our ECU tuning which can give your car more power.

ZF 8HP gearbox tuning is not only for BMW owners. ZF 8HP is used on a number of different vehicles produced by about 20 different manufacturers.

Do you want your gearbox to act better? Contact us and see what we can do for you.

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