Latest Revision for Volvo T3/T4/T5 Tuning + Super Mappack

We have introduced another revision for the Volvo T3/T4/T5 tuning for the engines with Denso ECUs. Moreover, if you are a fellow tuner, we offer DAMOS / super mappack for the same engines.

We present our customers and partners with these revisions regularly, as they include the latest advancements and development that improve power, torque and delivery without compromising safety and reliability. This means you can get noticeably more power and torque delivered throughout the RPM range and not need to worry about the safety of your car, engine, or any components.

This particular revision comes for Volvo T3/T4/T5 tuning, which means that it includes a great number of T3, T4 and T5 petrol engines used throughout the Volvo lineup. Additionally, we now also offer DAMOS / super mappack for the same engines which will be of great benefit to any tuner.

These revisions are another example of our expertise and dedication. We are always at the very forefront of the tuning industry and constantly working on improving both stock vehicles and our own offer.

If you are interested in tuning your Volvo, find your car in our extensive Volvo tuning database or contact us if you have any special requirements. We are here to make your driving moments as interesting as they can be.