Latest Revision for EDC17CP45 Tuning – BMW x30D and x35D

We have been tuning the latest BMW vehicles for a while now and with great success, including the M series models and even the M550d. Our ECU software tuning for EDC17CP45  ECUs used in 3 l  diesel engines of 30d and 35d models so far yielded about 50 hp and 100 Nm of torque more than the stock cars had. The actual figure for the EDC17CP45 tuning varied as it often depended on the model we were tuning, as BMW has a number of different models with this same engine and ECU, but with differing power ratings and hardware setups.

However, each of them used to get a noticeable power increase, regardless of the actual model. This came from our software tuning which was meticulously tested and proven on many vehicles.

However, our recent upgrades showed us that there is more safe potential in this engine in all its variants. This is why we upgraded our EDC17CP45 tuning process to give even more power to any version of the engine. It is important to emphasize that the newly found power and torque by no means jeopardize the safety of the car.

Software adjustment alone is part of our Stage 1 tuning, but this revision in EDC17CP45 tuning also made more room for Stage 2 tuning adjustments. This means that the new upgrade can produce noticeably more power for any car with this 3.0 engine and ECU.

The new power ratings again depend on the actual model we are working on, so make sure you contact us and see what we can do for your BMW to unleash its full potential and make it the best car it can be.

This engine and ECU combination can be found in Series 3, Series 5 and Series 7 models, as well as various BMW SUV models.

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