Ford Ranger 3.2 Duratorq Tuning

The 2018 Ford Ranger comes with a nice range of engines to choose from, but the one we worked on for this particular project was the turbo diesel 3.2 Duratorq tuning.

This particular vehicle for 2018 MY comes with stock 200 hp and 470 Nm of torque. The torque comes low in the RPM range, which is a great benefit for any pickup truck. The engine works like a charm with a 6-speed automatic and it provides a healthy push for the workhorse of a vehicle, but also comfortable cruising and confident acceleration.

The owner of this vehicle came to us with a desire for professional 3.2 Duratorq tuning that would give him more power to play with, but preserve fuel efficiency, emissions rating and wide availability of torque. He knew where to come.

We have tuned this engine previously and had 225 hp and 545 Nm of torque measured, which is 25 hp and 75 Nm more than the stock rating. However, we outdid ourselves on this vehicle AND managed to meet the customer’s demand for efficiency, emissions and drivability.

The measured power and torque after our tuning came to 232 hp and 554 Nm of torque, which is the most we’ve extracted from Stage 1 Ford Ranger 3.2 Duratorq tuning.

But that is not all. The advancements thrilled our customer so much that he asked us to develop a stage 2 tuning for his vehicle that would potentially serve as the basis for turbo upgrades in the future. The turbo addition would be part of Stage 3 tuning. The Stage 2 we are working on includes new intake and exhaust parts which are aimed at enabling better breathing of the engine.

This will give us room for another remap of the ECU software and provide even more power and torque.

Stay tuned for information on that.

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