Ford Focus 1.0 STCI Tuning – 1.0 EcoBoost Tuning

The EcoBoost series of engines has been doing wonders for Ford for a while now. Some of the most successful applications of the turbocharged downsizing trend fall under the EcoBoost lineup. Moreover, they have been proven in practice over the years, so 1.0 EcoBoost tuning is readily available here at ZIP Tuning. This particular example is in the form of the Ford Focus 1.0 STCI tuning which provides the small engine with noticeably more power.

The vehicle we worked on is the version with 125 hp and 170 Nm as stock. It is a more powerful version of this engine, the other one boasting 100 hp and the same amount of torque, albeit over a less broad range.

However, being the same kind of an engine and using the same Bosch MED17 ECU allows us to tune both versions with the same results.

The upgrade in this particular model with 1.0 STCI tuning resulted in 147 hp and 243 Nm of torque. This is a healthy increase for the 125 hp version, but being able to tune the 100 hp version with the same results means that that one gets almost 50% more power from Stage 1 tuning development alone. That is massive!

It is very important to note that even though the power increase is significant, the engine is as safe as it was before tuning. We make sure we never exceed safe limits and we measure the effects on a SuperFlow dyno.

Moreover, the same engine is used in a number of vehicles, including other versions of the Focus, Fiesta, B-Max, C-Max, Mondeo and even the Transit Courier. As you can see, some of these are much bigger than the Focus and the award-winning I3 engine has no problem propelling them.

It is a resilient engine and we let it show its full potential.

Our 1.0 EcoBoost tuning in any application is safe, reliable and wonderfully efficient.