Ford EDC17C70 Tuning without Disabling all DTC

If you are a tuner or an owner of a Ford vehicle with an EDC17C70 ECU, you are probably familiar with the notion that in order to tune cars with this ECU, all DTC errors need to be disabled. This is what rightfully put off many people from tuning their vehicles. However, we have developed EDC17C70 tuning which does not require disabling DTC errors.

This means you can enjoy both the substantial power gains and safety that comes from timely information from DTC if something goes wrong with the car.

If you are looking for a safe way for EDC17C70 tuning without disabling all DTC, you’re in the right place!

Before our solution, in order to tune Ford vehicles with this ECU, tuners needed to disable all DTC errors, which means that they would not inform you in case there is a problem with the car. Even if the quality of tuning received was impeccable, DTC errors are more than necessary to inform you of any malfunctions on your vehicle. Permanently disabling them creates problems both for the owner and the mechanics who perform maintenance and servicing.

This is why our new solution for tuning Ford vehicles with this ECU without disabling DTC is the perfect way to preserve safety and enjoy the added power and response from the engine.

Aside from tuning Ford vehicles with this ECU, we also tune many other Ford vehicles that you can find in our tuning specifications database. Also, if you need more elaborate tuning projects with huge power increases, contact us and our engineers will help all your dreams come true.