BMW F10/F11 530D Tuning – 314 hp and 655 Nm

The BMW F10/F11 530d tuning done by our experienced engineers resulted in a significant power increase from a software remap alone done on the Bosch EDC17_C50_C56 OEM ECU.

The N57 I6 engine comes in a number of power outputs for the F10/F11 generation of the 5 Series. The turbocharged diesel’s power outputs range from 241 hp all the way to 380 hp in the M550d, aided by no fewer than three turbochargers in this generation.

However, that model is far more expensive to buy and maintain, so many people opt for the 535d, which is not as hardcore as the M550d, but, with more than 300 hp, it is certainly no slouch.

However, our expert engineers at ZIP Tuning made it possible to use the 530d and actually have more power than in the 535d.

Starting with the stock 258 hp and 560 Nm before our BMW 5 Series F10/F11 530d tuning, we changed the turbo pressure and adjusted injection duration and timing for a sizeable increase to 314 hp and 655 Nm. Moreover, if you opt for the Stage 2 tuning, we can improve exhaust parts and perform another remap to make use of the more hardcore parts. Additionally, we can also change the intercooler for better performance. These two adjustments will add more power and torque, but their real benefit is the preparation for Stage 3 which can provide massive power boosts. The Stage 2 adjustments are a great basis for that.

N57D30 tuning performed on this particular car means that we can tune the same engine and its Bosch EDC17 OEM ECU for more power on a whole range of BMW vehicles that are propelled by this lovely diesel. Those include E90 3 Series models, F01 7 Series, E70 X5, E71 X6, F25 X3, F26 X4 and more. We can tune all these cars with stunning results.

Of course, all these tunings are completely safe. Having the right equipment and expertise and knowing the mechanical limits of all parts on a car is essential for producing top-notch tuning without jeopardizing safety at any point.

If you would like to provide your car, or your clients with such tuning benefits contact us and register on our tuners portal.