BMW 7 Series G11 B57 740D Tuning – Bosch MDG1_MD1CP002 Tuning

An owner of the latest version of the luxurious BMW 7 Series G11 treated himself with a ZIP Tuning-designed BMW 7 Series G11 B57 740D tuning that transformed the way his BMW drives. The transformation comes from Bosch MDG1_MD1CP002 tuning alone, without any new hardware parts.

Not that the standard car was bad. The B57 in its stock used in the 740D model is a 3 l engine that produces 320 hp and 680 Nm of torque. It is aided by a twin dual stage turbo which, among other things, improves torque delivery. The top torque is available from just 1750 Nm, but even under that, the engine gives a good push.

The owner complained that there is a bit of a weaker spot in the standard setup. It is a part of the power delivery range a bit above 2,500 rpm that continues to high revs. The car accelerates with ease, but the smoothness and buildup were not as good as our customer desired.

This is why we ended up improving this engine. The numbers alone are astonishing, but we also smoothened the power delivery and made this 7 Series a far better car to drive. But, let’s see the numbers first.

After our BMW 7 Series G11 B57 740D tuning the engine produces 364 hp and 803 Nm of torque. This is all on stock parts and with Bosch MDG1_MD1CP002 tuning alone.

Drivability of the car is also vastly improved, with a wider torque delivery and a very smooth, predictable and reliable buildup.

All of it is carefully monitored and tested to ensure that the emissions standards are met and that all the parts can withstand the added forces. We pride on the safety of our work as much as we pride on quality and power.

Very importantly, the B57 engine is a very versatile machine. It is used in a great number of luxury models and in different guises. We can tune any of those.

For example, if you have a G30 5 Series, or any other G11/G12 7 Series diesel model, it has one of the versions of the B57. The same goes for G01 X3, G02 X4, G05 X5, G07 X7, G20 3 Series, G32 6 Series, the stunning G15 8 Series vehicles with I6 diesel engines, as well as the M50d and M550d models. They all have one or another version of the B57 engine and we can improve any of them.

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