Alpine A110 Tuning

After the Giulia 2.0 with 280 hp that we upped to well over 300 hp, we have worked on another revamp of a European classic car. We are extremely proud that the owner of this little gem chose us for his Alpine A110 tuning and we did our best to increase the power and improve throttle response, but also keep the wonderful drivability and agility of this lightweight driver’s joy of a car,

Our Alpine A110 tuning results in 286 hp and 409 Nm of torque, which is a healthy jump from 252 hp and 320 Nm of the stock setup. Moreover, the wide availability of top torque is preserved, so the Alpine A110 gives a confident push in almost any part of the RPM range.

The power upgrade to the 1.8 TCE engine comes from an adjustment in the software of OEM ECU produced by Hitachi. All of the changes come from adjustments in turbo pressure, fuel delivery and ignition timing and the result is a car that feels much better to drive. The lightweight construction and the inherent advantages of the mid-engine RWD setup are still here, but the noticeable increase in power and torque ratings, as well as stunningly instant throttle response make you feel connected to the Alpine A110 like never before.

The Alpine A110 is a lightweight, powerful vehicle, with RWD and rear-mid engine placement. It gives that classic driving joy in a completely modern package – if you are into driver’s cars, there aren’t many better options. And if you feel the power could be better – this is why ZIP Tuning is here.