BMW Online Diagnostic Solutions

ZIPtuning provides independent workshops and tuners access to our support and problem online solving for use with the shop laptop and a ENET to OBD cable. The online coding and problem solving supports the later Bmw ́s like F and G series. For E-series please contact us for further information.

For the Online Service Support, you don’t need an ISSS or ISID. You’ll need a Windows PC that meets the system requirements in the user guide you find here.. Windows 10 is now supported by BMW Online Service Support.

The Online Service Support allows your workshop PC to communicate over the Internet with our engineer on the other side. Diagnostic and programming data is downloaded to your laptop and sent through the ENET cable to the vehicle.

Do you have the misfortune of losing the ecu during a flash? Did you flash the car with a bad file? We can help you restore the ecu again, and supply you with a correct calibrated tuning file.

Do you need help?

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