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11.08.2016 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 5,5 V8 turbo hybrid turbo. downpipes. airbox. meth Bosch MED17,7 (Original. Stage3 big power calibration 790hp 1200NM)
07.08.2016 VAG VW Audi Seat Skoda petrol turbo Siemens Simos 12 16 18 (real Antilag available. Fires when releasing trottlepedal. make sure catalyst is removed :-) )
01.06.2016 Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG 6 612hp Bosch ME2,7,2 365219 (Original 583hp Stage3pg 818hp 1300nm) big hybrid turbos + sportexhaust + methanol injection + bigger Intercoolers
15.05.2016 Many new solutions for cars with torquemonitoring issues – ask for details
29.03.2016 National Geographic Supercar Megabuild project Porsche Panamera 3,0 S Hybrid (Original 307hp 477nm Stage1pg 365hp 555nm) measured when electrical engine was not fully charged. Also electrical engine tuned. So car will gain a lot more when charged! See link for details and the episode
29.01.2016 Many new Damos A2l and Funktionsrahmen available for engines and gearboxes. Bosch, Siemens, Delco, Valeo, Temic, etc.
28.01.2016 Porsche 991 911 3.8 Turbo 2014 520hp Siemens SDI9 (Original Stage1pg)
19.01.2016 Audi RS3 2016 367hp Bosch MED17,1,1 07K907309C 8V0907404 3879 (Original Stage1pg Stage2pg)
14.01.2016 Polaris RZR 1,0T 2015 144hp Bosch ME17,9,74 526622 (Official roadlegal file 15kw Official Offroad race version Stage2pg rpm9000)
12.12.2015 VW Golf 2.0 TFSI GTI 2014 220 PS / 161.8KW Siemens/Continental Simos18 5G0906259 SC8F84 4 (Original, Stage3pg - vmax -decat - mod for IHI golf7R turbo - complete boostmodel swap, mpi injector scale - 350whp crankshaft 390hp - reworked all boost maps, pid, turbine, compressor maps)
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