Flashtec started as the Italian company CMDtec which later moved from Italy to Switzerland and was renamed Flastec. The developer originally came from Dimsport. They were the first to provide a stable obd flash solution for the ECU’s with a Infineon MPC555 processor like the Bosch EDC16 .


CMDflash: The first choice of professionals

At this moment Flashtec is the leading tool of the tuning tool market because:

They are leading in research & development
They are continuously improving the their tools
It is the most stable tuning tool which makes the fewest mistakes

When you are professional tuner or you want to tune the latest BMW or Audi’s the tuning tools of Flashtec are a must.


Flashtec is again killing the competition, they released an update to flash most of the latest models of the Volkswagen group (VAG) over obd.

Bosch EDC17C46 (eg VW Golf 6 2.0 tdi 140/170 hp)
Bosch-EDC17C64 (eg VW Golf 7 1.6 tdi 110 hp and 2.0 tdi 150/184 hp)
Bosch ME17.5.20 (eg VW Up 1.0 MPI 60 hp)
Bosch MED17.1.1 TC1797
Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766 (eg VW Scirocco 1.4 tsi 160 hp)
Bosch EDC17C54 (eg VW Amarok 2.0 tdi 140 hp)
Bosch EDC17CP44 (eg Audi A6 3.0 tdi 245 hp)
Bosch MED17.1.1 TC1796 (eg Audi A4 2.0 tfsi 211 hp)
Bosch MED17.5.21
Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1767
Continental Simos 8.4
Continental Simos 8.5
Continental Simos 12
Continental Simos 18

In the beginning of january 2015 they will start releasing a new update which makes it possible to tune the BMW F serie*. I think this is something we all have been waiting for.

* Magic Motor Sport released the same update on 29th November.


The CMDFlash is the tuning tool of Flashtec which combines an OBD tuning tool and bootmode tool. There two version available of the CMDflash; a master version and a slave version. The slave is connected to a master tool and can only write tuning files supplied by this master. The advantage of the slave tool is that it cheaper and contains the plugins enabled (bought) by the master. These plugins included:

MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 5,6,7,8,9 ( through OBD )
SCANIA EMS S6 ( through OBD and in bootmode )
IVECO DAILY EDC16 ( through OBD and in bootmode )
MERCURY MARINE ( in bootmode )
EDC7C1/2/3 IVECO ( through OBD and in bootmode )
EDC7C1/2/3 MAN ( through OBD and in bootmode )
EDC7C1/2/3 DAF ( in bootmode )
EDC7C1/2/3 Mc CORMIK ( through OBD and in bootmode )
Perkins LANDINI ( in bootmode )
Perkins CAT ( in bootmode )
Bosch EDC7+UC31 IVECO Euro 5 ( through OBD and in bootmode )
Bosch EDC7+UC31 SISU ( in bootmode )
Bosch EDC7+UC31 CASE ( in bootmode )
Bosch EDC7+C32 MAN ( through OBD and in bootmode )
Bosch MS6.x ( through OBD)
Bosch MS 6.1 MAN ( through OBD )
Bosch MS 6.2 DAF ( through OBD )
Bosch MS 6.2 IVECO ( through OBD )
Bosch MS 6.2 RENAULT ( through OBD )
Bosch MS 6.2 SCANIA ( through OBD )
Bosch MS 6.3 IVECO ( through OBD )
Bosch MS 6.3 RENAULT ( through OBD )
CASE NewHolland EDC16+C39 ( in bootmode )
DELPHI DAF XF 105 ( in bootmode )
John Deere x30 TIR3 ( in bootmode )
TRW EMS2 Volvo Renault ( in bootmode )
VAG Counters
CUMMINS Industrial ( in bootmode )
SCANIA EMS S7 ( through OBD )
BMW BMSK Motorrad ( through OBD and in bootmode )

Yearly subscription:
Flastec charges every tool for a yearly subscription.

My Personal Flasher

My Personal Flasher


CMDFlash Slave OBD Flasher (only OBD) € 1,750.00

CMDFlash Slave OBD + BOOT ( st10, tricore) (OBD + directly on ECU) € 3,450.00

CMDFlash Slave OBD + BOOT ( st10, tricore ) + BDM 5xx (OBD + directly on ECU)  €4,280.00