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ZIPtuning provides tuning files for carsmotor cyclestrucktractors and boats. The engines of other vehicles like scooter, snowmobile or atv we have modified as well. Basically we are able to modify the software of the ecu of every engine if we have we have enough information about the mappings and enough time to do some testing.

The tuning files are developed and made by our two head engineers. For the development of the calibrations we use the industry standard hex-editor Winols. This is the only hex-editor which provides you all flexibility and possibility to make the right adjustments. You can have a look at our files on the website of EVC and when you have legit registration of Winols you can connect to our OLSx reseller account.

Development of the tuning file
For the development of the tuning file we use two dynamometers. We have two single roll fourwheeldrive dyno, which provide us the most accurate data. We use these dyno's to make precise measurements and datalogs of the engine values.

Tuning file for turbo petrol engines
The calibration of turbo petrol engines is one of our speciaility, every experienced tuner knows these are much harder to calibrate then a turbo charged diesel engine. Because petrol engines run with a much more critical air fuel mixture then diesel engine and the mixture needs ignition. There for every calibrations needs an adjustment of the ignition timing, lambda and much more extra turbo pressure.

Tuning files for turbo diesel engines
Diesel engines are much more forgiving to tune, that is why there many tuning files for diesel engines availible. We try to set the standard a little bit higher and have developed tuning files for diesel engines which are not only made by pushing the injection duration and raising torque limiters. We adjust a whole set of maps which results in much more balanced tuning file without putting to much pressure on the turbo, injectors or common rail system. 

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