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14.06.2018 Mercedes Benz GLE 63 S AMG . . Customer experience Stage2 + Pop and Bang LOUD see video
14.06.2018 Audi RS3 8V . . Pop and Bang LOUD see video
18.05.2018 BMW M3 M4 F8X Stage2 tuningfile + 3.5bar mapsensor rescale to allow for full potential of engine
18.05.2018 Opel Astra OPC Delco Stage2 tuningfile revised version for max power
18.05.2018 Low gear shake shiftpoint solutions for gearbox ecu DQ200 and DL501
18.05.2018 VAG DQ200 DQ250 DQ500 DQ381 DL501 revised tuningfiles improved downshifting in sportsmode
18.05.2018 Performance gauge rescaling
18.05.2018 Mercedes Benz Sprinter EDC17CP46 DPF off revised version
18.05.2018 Opel 1.2i conversion from 68 to 85hp
18.05.2018 Mazda 2.0 120hp denso conversion and then tuned to 170hp
17.05.2018 Fiat Abarth Alfa Romeo ME7.9.10 Boostsensor rescaling to competizione version
16.05.2018 BMW M5 M6 5.0 MSS65 Stage2 tuningfile revised version
15.05.2018 Motorcycle new tuningfiles available for Honda Yamaha
14.05.2018 Bentley Bentega 6.0 Bi Turbo MED17.1.62 Stage1 tuningfile available
13.05.2018 VAG DCM6.2 revised tuningfiles
12.05.2018 VAG EDC17C74 revised tuningfiles
11.05.2018 VAG EDC17C64 revised tuningfiles
10.05.2018 Ford DCM3.5 revised tuningfiles
09.05.2018 Ford DCM6.2 revised tuningfiles
08.05.2018 Toyota Lexus petrol revised tuningfiles

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